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Item No. Click Image Description Retail Price Our Price  
C3963G Lady's Platinum Tiffany & Co. "Victoria" Diamond Ring $6,379.00 $3,590.00
C2254G Platinum Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring $10,900.00 $6,190.00
CT25537 Lady's Platinum Tiffany & Co. Wedding Band   $890.00
CDC122203 Lady's Platinum 2.32ct Pear Shape Cut Diamond Engagement Ring   $14,990.00
C3627G Lady's Platinum 2.00 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Ring $19,840.00 $9,990.00
C4031G Lady's 14K White Gold 1.55ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring   $12,990.00
CT16785 Lady's 14K White Gold 2.02ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring $35,345.00 $19,990.00
C3523G Lady's 18K White Gold 2.00ct Princess Cut Diamond Ring $33,000.00 $16,990.00
C3212G Lady's Platinum 1.50ct Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring $16,580.00 $8,990.00
C1076 Lady's 14K Yellow Gold 1.62ct Diamond Cocktail Ring $9,550.00 $5,890.00
CM5937 Lady's 14K Yellow Gold 2.26ct Diamond Cluster Ring $3,335.00 $1,690.00
CT19748 Lady's Platinum 2.01ct Diamond Engagement Ring $34,250.00 $18,590.00
C2628G Lady's 14K Yellow Gold 1.00ct Marquise Cut Diamond Ring $9,100.00 $3,490.00
CT18985 Lady's 18K White Gold 1.23ct Diamond Engagement Ring $13,465.00 $6,790.00
CT18289 Lady's Platinum 1.70ct Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring $18,435.00 $8,190.00
RG2265 Lady's 14K Yellow Gold 1.03ct Diamond Ring $7,895.00 $3,190.00
C3092G Lady's 18K White Gold 11.00cttw Rubellite & Diamond Ring $4,500.00 $2,190.00
CT18616 Lady's Platinum 7.50ct Heart Shaped Rubellite & Diamond Filigree Ring $9,260.00 $4,490.00
CDC47787 Lady's Platinum 3.36 Carat Emerald & Diamond Ring $9,200.00 $6,690.00
C3142G Lady's 18K White Gold 2.20ct Tanzanite & Diamond Ring $4,500.00 $2,190.00
CT16645 Lady's 18K White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Ring $9,750.00 $4,875.00
CT12447 Lady's Platinum 1.39ct Emerald & Diamond Ring $2,940.00 $1,450.00
CT19309 Lady's 18K Yellow Gold 2.00ct Emerald & Diamond Ring $11,500.00 $5,750.00
CT14188 Lady's 14K Yellow Gold 1.25ct Emerald & 3.29cttw Diamond Ring $8,660.00 $5,490.00
CT16590 Lady's 14K Yellow Gold 7-Row 2.80cttw Diamond Ring $6,555.00 $2,590.00

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