A Frank Discussion Regarding After Market Accessories and Rolex Watches
Rolex's stand and Capetown's Rebuttal
Rolex's stand:
Rolex has long contended that any item applied to one of their products renders their product counterfeit. This is hard to believe but through bull dog perseverance and a five star legal team Rolex has gotten several venues of superior courts to agree with them. Their contention is that as the original inventors and manufacturers of the watch they know best. If you want to believe that you just have to pay more.
How does this affect you, the consumer? Rolex's only tool to deter people from buying aftermarket accessories is to terrorize them by telling them that they will not repair any Rolex watch that has an "after market" accessory on it without first replacing the offending aftermarket accessory with its Rolex factory counterpart. In other words, they will not honor their warranty.
Capetown's Rebuttal:
Currently, the Rolex warranty covers a period of two years. At Capetown, we give a lifetime warranty with almost every watch we sell. If you buy your Rolex from us, (always at a discount) or if we install our Geneva Collection accessories on your Rolex, we'll guarantee your watch for life, providing that the service has been kept up.
Rolex's contention is that their reputation rides on everyone of their watches. If they lose control, they could be at the mercy of unscrupulous privateers who are hawking defective merchandise. Capetown has been involved with after market accessories for more than thirty years. We have a long history of client satisfaction proving that not only are our accessories less expensive but more importantly have passed the test of time.
Gemstone accessories are a good source of revenue and Rolex has to do what they can to develop a market for their distributors. Right or wrong, the law is the law. At Capetown, we respect the Rolex trademark 100%. Each sale is accompanied with a full disclosure of what was made and manufactured by Rolex and what was manufactured by Capetown's Geneva Collection®. Our legal counsel feels that we are thoroughly within our rights under the law by offering commensurate accessories.
../rolex Geneva Collection Timepieces
In the manufacturing process, we don't look for every nickel and dime at the client's expense or at the risk of lowering the quality. We do not prostitute ourselves for the best price. As a matter of fact, a couple of years ago, we sent our Geneva Collection® products to the International Gemological Institute laboratories and we received an evaluation that said that they could see no significant difference between our handmade Geneva Collection® Accessories and Rolex's more costly accessories.
Rolex has an agenda to sell their own products, of course, which is easy to understand. But, unlike other international companies such as Harley Davidson, Mercedes Benz, et al, Rolex wants all of the pie. For many years, Mercedes Benz has enjoyed a good relationship with AMG, the company that soups up the performance & styling of Mercedes' cars. They don't tell you that if you buy a Mercedes Benz and get a set of Lorenson wheels or some other AMG doo-dads that they're going to take away your warranty.
Custom Rolls Royce Steering Wheel
In reality, I have worn a customized Rolex for many years, as has my wife and some of my closest friends. Not the slightest bit of problem resulting from the inclusion of these "non-genuine" parts. Just recently, I have become aware of a company that makes steering wheels for Rolls Royces fabricated from Burl Walnut. For years, I have lamented the fact that the dashboard and wooden accoutrements on the driver's side of my Rolls have not at all been downgraded by the drab, plain plastic steering wheel that this $500,000 car came with. I have always thought that Rolls Royce's stylists were in remiss by not offering a Burl Walnut steering wheel. I jumped at the chance to get this handmade leather and wooden steering wheel. Of course, if Rolls Royce subscribes to the same dictum that Rolex has made, then I am driving a counterfeit Rolls. Well, I'm about as American as a hot dog. I wouldn't want somebody from a foreign company telling me what I can put on my property.
You have my solemn oath that anything I do with gemstones to enhance your watch, will do it no damage. I will stand by that forever. When it comes time to give your watch the scheduled service that Rolex prescribes, I'll have my trained Rolex technicians do the work quickly and quite reasonably. By doing that you preserve my fine watch warranty for a lifetime. Or you can be a schmuck and pay Rolex $4,900 for a diamond bezel and $1,350 for a diamond dial. I'll get you the same quality parts for $2,000 for a diamond bezel and $550 for the diamond dial.
Actually, what we have here is a case of American free enterprise, building a better mousetrap, and thinking outside of the box. At this time, we have a long list of innovative styles that are not currently being made by the Rolex watch company. So, at Capetown, not only do you save money, but you're on the cutting edge of style and innovation. I will personally be happy to answer any questions to help shed light on this puzzling issue.
So in short, the only thing that you are not getting from me is Rolex's two-year warranty. But, what I've done is try to better it by extending my warranty on Rolex products, watches, accessories, and the like for a lifetime, Click here to read about our Lifetime Warranty.
These are the facts and unless you're a mindless shmuck, you have to choose Capetown's Geneva Collection.
Thank you for your interest.
Carl Marcus
Chairman of the Board
Capetown is not an Official Rolex jeweler.



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