In order to protect our company, and innocent persons, from the ongoing fraud that is prevalent in the credit card industry, we require additional documentation on all telephone orders. (For those of you paying in person at our location, this does not apply to you, as all showroom sales just involve swiping the card.) On all telephone orders, we will fax you our Credit Authorization Form, which you will need to fill out, sign, and return along with a legible facsimile of your credit card and driver's license. Please note: merchandise will only be shipped to the address that is listed with the credit card company. This address must also have a listed landline telephone number associated with it. In regards to international orders, the same applies, only if our overseas agents can verify the information.

Capetown Diamond Corp. will cooperate in any and all manners required to assist a credit card company in fraud prosecution. If you wish to purchase with a credit card, phone one of our sale associates, make your wishes known, and we will fax you the proper form. If you are anxious about giving us identification, perhaps our privacy policy will assuage your anxiety. Click here for our privacy policy.

So those with ill intent, take heed!

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