Capetown's Lifetime International Fine Watch Warranty
& State-of-the-Art Investment Protection Plan

This warranty is without question the most comprehensive warranty of any watch company, factory or otherwise. It is Capetown's intent to always leave our clients with a good feeling about our service, prices, and intentions and to further maintain a high level of goodwill between Capetown Diamond and its clients. As always, we want to do what's right for you.

Vice President Rose Marcus, with grandson Alexander, the future Head of Customer Service.

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This warranty covers the internal mechanism of a Swiss made watch against any manufacturing defect under the terms outlined on the warranty certificate. Contemporary, upscale, European watches purchased for over $1,000 are covered by this Lifetime Warranty.

Contemporary upscale European watches purchased for under $1,000 are covered under Capetown's 1-Year Service Warranty. Of course, we still include free lifetime battery changes on all watches. Vintage and Estate watches are covered by Capetown's one-year warranty.

Quartz Watches are covered by our Lifetime Warranty provided the  watch is returned to one of Capetown's Service Centers for the service as recommended by our service director or the manufacturer of the watch (Generally within 4-5 years). Every 1 to 2 years, the battery should be replaced (as needed). Capetown offers battery replacement for free for all Quartz watch purchases.

Mechanical (Manual Winding) and Automatic (Self-Winding) watches are covered by our Lifetime Warranty provided your watch is returned to one of Capetown's Service Centers for service and maintenance every 3-4 years (as recommended by our service director or the manufacturer) so that our technicians can check to see any sign of a potential problem or undue wear (i.e. leaking seals & gaskets). This give us the ability to spiff up the exterior of your timepiece and ensure that proper lubrication is available to prevent any future problems which might otherwise occur.

There will be a nominal charge for this service, depending on the complexity of your timepiece. Most of our clients feel that this is money well-spent.

-- Obligations of the Consumer --

As it is with all warranties, there are certain obligations that are the responsibility of the consumer, which cannot be abrogated.  All fine Swiss watches, be they new or pre-owned, mechanical or quartz, will need to receive periodic factory-scheduled maintenance in accordance with factory specifications. 

It is akin to buying a car. Watches are, in effect, machinery; they require cleaning and fresh lubrication. To keep them moisture and humidity proof, they require sealing. The cost of the scheduled maintenance must be borne by the purchaser. In order to keep your warranty in effect, Capetown's skilled technicians must perform all factory-scheduled maintenance. If you live outside of one of our established service areas, we will mail you Capetown's complimentary repair-by-mail kit, which will facilitate the mail in process.

In order to keep your watch looking like new in between its scheduled service you may wish to take advantage of our offer to annually refinishing the exterior case and bracelet, pressure test the movement, and replace worn seals and gaskets for a nominal charge including return postage via USPS Registered mail.  The cost for this service may fluctuate, concurrent with cost of parts, labor, and postage.  At any rate, it is always money well spent protecting an appreciating asset that was designed to last forever.

We do not as of yet have the software in place to send a reminder to you to send the watch in for service, so you will need to bear this responsibility yourself.  Remember that we will need the watch back a year from the date of purchase and every year thereafter.

State-of-the-Art repairs, state-of-the-art
convenience. When sending your
watch in for service or repair,
Capetown makes it easy.  We will
mail you a complimentary self-sealing
mailing kit with packing materials and
pay the postage on all warranty work.

One of the great advantages of buying from Capetown is the speed in which we execute the repair process - be it a cash repair or one that is under-warranty. Please note: In some instances, we may need to wait for parts to be shipped from a watch manufacturer or another source.  It needs to be understood that these delays are sometimes out of our control, but we will diligently pursue the company sending the parts in an attempt to get your watch repaired and returned to you as quickly as possible. (When prolonged delays are unavoidable and the circumstances warrant it, "loaner" watches are oftentimes made available.)

In an unprecedented move, Capetown will compensate you for the shipping charges on all under-warranty repairs providing your watch is returned via U.S. Post Office Registered Mail service with the appropriate insurance value.  International customers will be reimbursed for the cost of shipping, excluding any duty fees, if applicable, providing your watch is returned via UPS insured. To the best of our knowledge, this convenient service is unavailable from any other watch company. But that is the Capetown way that you'll come to expect: groundbreaking, consumer friendly, cutting edge service.

The general rule is that most Swiss companies have the worst warranty and repair service of any dynamic object you could ever encounter.  Often times, they are slow, arrogant, and unaccommodating.  Some companies' policy is to send the watch back to Switzerland.  This results in an onerous downtime, which could last up to or more than four months.

At Capetown, you will always encounter a concerned employee who is willing, able, and ready to bend over backwards to make things convenient for you and provide you with outstanding service.

Other than the warranty itself, the best thing is that Capetown's Lifetime Warranty can be transferred for the miniscule sum of $175, as long as Capetown's Repair Facility has maintained the watch according to the suggested factory specified periodic schedule noted below. In the event that you should ever want to sell your watch, this feature adds a tremendous sales advantage.

Here is what is NOT covered by our Lifetime Warranty:

  • Schedule Maintenance - This service must be performed on a periodic basis and the work performed by Capetown's technicians in order to keep the watch under warranty.  The scheduled maintenance includes disassembly, cleaning, ultrasonic lubrication of internal parts, reassembly, oiling, adjustment of the timing system, replacement of the seals and gaskets, and a water pressure testing. The best lubricants made today do not guarantee the viscosity of their oils for more than two and a half years.  If you live in dry climate (e.g. Tucson), we'd want to see you're watch more often. The cost for the scheduled service is generally very competitive.

  • Normal Wear and Tear - Exterior scratches, nicks, dents, bracelet stretching, scratched or damaged crystals, etc. Furthermore, some parts such as the mainsprings, stems, tubes, gaskets, etc. tend to wear down and need to be periodically replaced. 

  • Obvious Misuse and Abuse - Damages caused by dropping your watch on any hard surface, cement, tile, etc. will not be covered as well as any unauthorized alterations, manipulation or repairs.

  • Water Damage - Most watches are NOT waterproof. They are billed as Water Resistant or Pressure Proof. For more information on this, see the repair section of our website.

  • External Damage - Any damage to ANY external part of the watch, including the case, bracelet, crown, crystal, strap, clasp, buckle etc.

  • Failure to adhere to Capetown's scheduled warranty required - If a watch has not been returned for its scheduled maintenance or service, as prescribed by Capetown, it's warranty will become void and invalid.

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